Mary Safwat

Project Management Office Director, Raseedy

Ms. Mary Safwat, Raseedy Project Management Office Director, a computers and systems engineer graduated from Ain Shams University, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2008 with 18+ years of experience in project management and leadership spanning the Telecom, ISP, Microfinance, E-payment and Fintech industries.  

Ms. Mary founded PMOs in multiple well reputed companies by defining their goals and scope, hiring the right PMO calibers, defining processes, metrics, project execution rules and standards and training the organization to understand the PMO role and thus led them to delivering both value and objectives.

Ms. Mary is a passionate project management guru and a people leader who emphasizes on the environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale.

“Some people are just born to be project Managers!” This is what Ms. Mary always says when she onboards a new caliber to her team.


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